Akio Mokuno is an electroacousitc music composer, audio engineer, singer-songwriter, noise bassist and multimedia performer. After exploring psychedelic/new wave bands in Nagoya, Akio moved to New York, in 1994, and joined the post-no wave/noise band Electoputas, as a bass and voice performer. Inspired by musique concrète (concrete music) and electronic music, in the late 1990s, Akio started improvising a sampler (Yamaha SU10 + Akai S2000) using an optical MIDI controller. He has performed with a number of renowned free jazz/experimental musicians and visual artists, including Damo Suzuki, Sabir Marteen, Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Frank Marino, 99 Hooker (Rev.99), Ron Anderson, Chris Forsyth, Kenta Nagai,Hitomi Honda, Maria Chavez, Angie Eng, Noriko Nakano, Benton-C Bainbridge Kahimi Karie and Yuka C Honda.

Akio earned a BFA (Sonic Arts) from the City College of New York, an MFA (Performance and Interactive Media Arts) and a MM (Music Composition) from Brooklyn College, CUNY. He studied under Paul Kozel, John Jannone, David Grubbs, Douglas Geers, Vito Acconci, and Morton Subotnick. He was the commissioned artist for the 13th Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium at Connecticut College (2012). His composition, Mullaly Park 9/10, was selected for the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (2014) and received the Max Mathews Award for Excellence in Sonic Arts from the Conservatory of Music in Brooklyn College as well.

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