March 12 (Sun)  7: 30pm Japan-USA: Musical Perspectives Series 7 @ Tenri Cultural Center

April 28 (Thurs)  7: 30pm Electroputas @ Gold Sounds

May 19 (Fri) 7pm Sound Traffic @ Spectrum  Hitomi Honda premieres new piece for prepared toy-piano and electronics

May 21 (Sun) 8pm Electroputas @ The Glove, Brooklyn

July 1 (sat) 7 30pm with Shoji (the extended tenor saxophone and live electronics) MERGE vol.4 Visual/Sound Art + Dance @CPR-Center for Performance Research

July 10 (Mon) 8pm @ Max Fish Abasement 27. Akio (Electric Bass) + Naoki (Electric Bass)

Aug 17 (Thur) 7 30pm Electroputas @ Outpost Artists Resources

Sep 11 (Mon) 8pm Sound Traffic @ Cornelia Street Cafe, Hannah Selin will perform In the Sonorant.

Oct 21 (Sat) 8pm Ab Uno Pluribus/Phase II @ NYU

Nov 13 (Mon)  8pm Abasement 31 @ Max Fish Duo with Tamio Shiraishi

Nocturne : 夢想する猫 (The Dreamy Thoughts of a Cat), composed by Akio Mokuno, Toy piano by Hitomi Honda, Video by Noriko Nakano, and Poem by Shuji Terayama.