Chasers (2014) Videobass band 

Chasers is Angie Eng's project that uses Videobass (bass manipulate only video).

Chasers follows the trajectory of art movements of the last century that contributes to a renaissance of the non-singular Author and back to the communal story: The Cubists with Picasso’s newspaper clipping paintings, the Dadaists ‘cut-ups’, the Surrealists ‘ready-mades’ and today’s mixologist sampling masters who borrow and open-source their interpretations. The film performance Chasers examines cinematic storytelling using variations of the collective group. Its members are not the artists/performers themselves, but all moviemakers and their viewers. The artists are digital marionettes whose strings are attached to visual and audio symbols that trigger cultural memories. The arrangers or composers remix films as citation, homage or mirrors. But Chasers is not just jogging our memories of stories retold. Chasers adopts a sampling technique of visual rhythms and soundscapes to seduce the audience to experience cinema beyond their individual narrative goals."    

                                                                                                                           Angie Eng Videobass band - Chasers 


Angie Eng - Videobass Maria Chavez - Turntablist Akio Mokuno - Videobass plays "Seven Samurai v. Magnificent Seven" at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY May 23, 2014 video shooting and editing by Toshikazu Kaneiwa