October 18 (Friday) 8pm OniN + Greg Fox at The Stone Series at Happylucky no.1


Past shows 2019

September 8 (Sun) 7pm Everything’s Fine: a performative exploration of mental illness: New piece for Piano and electronics at KGB bar

June 18 (Tue) on/in 8pm Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn NY

June 10 (Mon) on/in (new project with Yuka C Honda) @ Abasement 49, Max Fish, NYC, NY

May 29 (Wed) with Electroputas 8pm Max Fish, NYC, NY

May 23 (Thrs) 8pm Pillow Book with 99 Hooker and Hitomi Honda, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco CA

May 11 (Sat) The Sense of Noise 3 9pm, Brooklyn NYC

April 27 (Sat) 8pm with Hitomi Honda, The Lodge, Chester, NY

March 22 (Fri) Yuka C Honda’s “No Revenge Necessary” 6pm National Sawdust, NYC

March 11 (Mon) Abasement 47 with AMI, Max Fish, NYC

Jan 21 (Mon) with Talibam!, Muchmore’s, NYC

Jan 7 (Mon) Sound Traffic in Tokyo, 公園通りクラッシックス