June 18 (Tue) on/in 8pm Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn NY

June 10 (Mon) on/in (new project with Yuka C Honda) @ Abasement 49, Max Fish, NYC, NY


Past shows 2019

May 29 (Wed) with Electroputas 8pm Max Fish, NYC, NY

May 23 (Thrs) 8pm Pillow Book with 99 Hooker and Hitomi Honda, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco CA

May 11 (Sat) The Sense of Noise 3 9pm, Brooklyn NYC

April 27 (Sat) 8pm with Hitomi Honda, The Lodge, Chester, NY

March 22 (Fri) Yuka C Honda’s “No Revenge Necessary” 6pm National Sawdust, NYC

March 11 (Mon) Abasement 47 with AMI, Max Fish, NYC

Jan 21 (Mon) with Talibam!, Muchmore’s, NYC

Jan 7 (Mon) Sound Traffic in Tokyo, 公園通りクラッシックス

Screenshot 2018-12-08 14.26.50.png


Dec 10 (Mon) with 99 Hooker @ Abasement, Max Fish

Nov 13 (Tue) with Yuka Honda, Nels Cline, Devin Hoff, and Ches Smith @ NuBlu

Sep 22 (Sat) with Electroputas, Nocturne 15 @ Ceremony224, Brooklyn

Sep 29 (Sat) with Miolina, Sonic Circuit Festival 2018, Washington DC

 Japan Tour 2018 with 99 Hooker

7月25日(水)Music Bar Lynch (宇都宮)with Corsets

7月26日(木) 難波ベアーズ (大阪)with Gaiamamoo 他

7月27日(金)  UrBANGUILD(京都)<HE?XION! NITE #24> with アリスセイラー、K∞ ✳︎ N∈∈ 他

7月29日 (日)Spazio Rita (名古屋)<今池式インターナショナル>

June 24 (Sun) 10pm solo Electronic Sax with live painting, 169 Spencer street Brooklyn NY

June 16 (Sat) 5pm with Electroputas, Freak Flag Fest @ The Brooklyn Kitchen

June 2 (Sat) 8 pm with Ensemble Gendai (Hitomi, Shoji and Akio) @ Holo, Brooklyn NY

May 12 (Sat) 8pm with Queen Sun Sun, 1040 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn NY

May 3 (Thrs) 8pm as an actor in the multimedia opera directed by Yuka C Honda @ National Sawdust

May 20 (Sun) 10pm solo Electronic Bass with live painting, 169 Spencer street Brooklyn NY

April 14 (Sat) with 99 Hooker, 8pm Other Cinema, San Francisco, CA

April 13 (Fri) with 99 Hooker, 8pm Northern Delights, Hayfork, CA

April 9 (Mon) 10pm Live with Queen Sun Sun @ Abasement 36, Max Fish, NYC

March 18 (Sun) 9pm Live with Queen Sun Sun (Jaiko and Benoit) in the Sleep Watchers @ Holo, Brooklyn

March 19 (Mon) 9pm  The video of Nocturn(2017), collaboration with Noriko Nakano (video) and Hitomi Honda (electronically-prepared toy piano) will be played at Experimental Intermedia, NYC.

 March 21 (Wed) 8pm Chasers (videobass band with Angie Eng), for Asian American Arts Week 2018 @ Roulette

March 13 (Tue) 8pm  Live with OndO)))  (New band with Yuka C Honda, Kiki Kudo, and Brian Close) @ Elesewhere, Brooklyn


March 12 (Sun)  7: 30pm Japan-USA: Musical Perspectives Series 7 @ Tenri Cultural Center

April 28 (Thurs)  7: 30pm Electroputas @ Gold Sounds

May 19 (Fri) 7pm Sound Traffic @ Spectrum  Hitomi Honda premieres new piece for prepared toy-piano and electronics

May 21 (Sun) 8pm Electroputas @ The Glove, Brooklyn

July 1 (sat) 7 30pm with Shoji (the extended tenor saxophone and live electronics) MERGE vol.4 Visual/Sound Art + Dance @CPR-Center for Performance Research

July 10 (Mon) 8pm @ Max Fish Abasement 27. Akio (Electric Bass) + Naoki (Electric Bass)

Aug 17 (Thur) 7 30pm Electroputas @ Outpost Artists Resources

Sep 11 (Mon) 8pm Sound Traffic @ Cornelia Street Cafe, Hannah Selin will perform In the Sonorant.

Oct 21 (Sat) 8pm Ab Uno Pluribus/Phase II @ NYU

Nov 13 (Mon)  8pm Abasement 31 @ Max Fish Duo with Tamio Shiraishi

Dec 23 (Sat) 6pm Operatic Electric @ The Delancey Duo with Juecheng Chen